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Corp Dev Market Landscapes Training

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Tomer Stavitsky
Corporate Development, Head of M&A

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Join us on June 24 for Corp Dev Market Landscapes Training! The course will be taught live, virtually by Tomer Stavitsky.

Course cost before June 1: $495

The course will be beneficial for new and experienced practitioners.

Participants will enhance their ability to navigate a corporate development market landscape.
The market landscape course will teach participants about the different types of corporate development landscapes, as well as the involved parties, duration, and goals of each.  Participants will gain exposure to the differences between corporate development market landscapes and investment banking landscapes.

Corporate Development Market Landscapes Training Outline:

  • What is a corp dev landscape and why is it important?
  • What are the different types of landscapes typically done in corp dev, who is involved, relative length, why each is done, and how each is helpful to work done in corp dev?
  • What components/deliverables you would expect to see in each of the different types of corp dev landscapes, and a brief overview of each deliverable?
  • Similarities and differences vs. the typical investment banking market landscape
  • Best practices in corp dev landscapes - what could go wrong and how to avoid
  • Introducing standardization with market landscapes to a corp dev team, example/case study
  • Overview of the corp dev landscape process from beginning to end —
    • Formulation phase – defining goals, timelines, budget, participants etc.
    • Research phase – collecting materials, where and how to do it, what to analyze, internal vs.
      external resources etc.
    • Draft phase – what to present, how to present, stakeholders involved etc.
    • Final phase – what to present, how to present, stakeholders, how to drive to action etc.
    • Implementation phase – how to turn data into action and make sure recommendations are being acted upon

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Participants will be able to ask the instructor questions throughout the training, which will be held via zoom.
The live course recording will be available for all participants afterwards.

For questions regarding the course content, please email tomstav@gmail.com

For questions regarding your sign up or payment processing, please email marsha@mascience.com


June 24


12 PM - 3:30 PM ET, includes two short breaks




Early Bird Special until June 1 - $495, after June 1 $550

Meet the Instructor

As a Corporate Development Executive that partners with senior leaders and key stakeholders, Tomer drives new business initiatives and creates collaborative stakeholder and partner relationships that deliver exponential growth. Tomer has broad corporate development strategy and execution experience working in small, medium and large companies in the corporate development function including Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, ConvaTec, Intuitive Surgical and Ginkgo Bioworks. Tomer’s 15+ years of experience span the full range of deal activities including research, sourcing, due diligence, deal structuring, negotiation and integration for successful, high value outcomes.

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M&A Science Academy Certification

Upon course completion participants will receive an Introduction to Financial Modeling M&A Science Academy Certification and one month complimentary access to the Academy.