Planning and Executing a Divestiture

In this course you will learn how to plan and execute a divestiture.


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Larry Forman, Senior Manager of Deloitte, has been building company value through global corporate development for over 20 years in the software, data analytics, EDI/E-Commerce, document management, and information and media industries, most recently leading global deal teams at LexisNexis and Teradata. With a background in sales, C-level management, and venture capital, and a passion for innovative deal-making and strategy, he has helped small privately-held firms and large public, multi-national companies accelerate their growth, enter new markets, and create sustainable value. He has completed over a $1 Billion in domestic and international acquisitions and divestitures, often managing global deal teams.


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This course will teach you why taking a modern approach to integration is more effective than the traditional approach. Learn the key differences, outcomes, and hear case studies that support this modernized approach. Integration is often overlooked, despite being one of the most contributing factors to the success of M&A.
Through this course you will learn why traditional integration approaches often fail, how a modern approach can lead to a positive outcome, and basic IMO configuration that give strategies and tactics to implement to internal practices in order to promote a successful integration.


Conducting Due Diligence on What You're Going to Sell

  • Identifying the Different Variables in the Divestiture 
  • Validating your Hypothesis
  • Doing Repair Work

How to package the deal

  • Setting expectations Upfront 
  • How to do the P&L
  • Structuring and Negotiating TSA
  • Ring Fencing

The Sales Process

  • Identifying the right buyers
  • How to engage prospects
  • What Documentations to Provide
  • Setting up the Deal Room



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