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The mission

We're M&A Science. Our mission is to evolve the M&A industry with science. We blend education and technology to make tools like DealRoom and FirmRoom. Our Agile M&A framework is used by dozens of teams worldwide. We're serious about creating the best M&A community in the world.

Listen to #1 M&A Podcast in the World

Explore the intricate world of M&A with industry leaders and practitioners.

Improve Your M&A Process

Update old processes, align your teams, or build a whole new function with our Agile M&A Framework.

Utilize the Best Technology

DealRoom is an all-in-one management solution that extends across the entire deal lifecycle. See why the best in M&A turn to us.

Learn from
the best in M&A

Get decades of M&A expertise at your fingertips. With over 30 highly-knowledgeable instructors, you’ll have access to best practices and methods related to all aspects of the deal. Our course topics range from sourcing and strategy all the way through to integration. 
On top of unlimited access to content, academy members receive additional benefits such as free invitations to all M&A Science summits and exclusive networking events.
M&A courses
Top-level instructors

Bring M&A
into the 21st century

A modern M&A practice requires a flexible, adaptive framework. Agile M&A identifies value leaks in the deal cycle then provides scalable solutions to address them. 
Rather than drawing up the blueprints to your deal all at once, break down your approach into small, manageable sprints. Implementing agile methods means reacting and realigning as changes and risks occur along the deal cycle. Learn how to ensure value production.

Utilize tools
designed for M&A

Whether you’re managing multiple deals at a time or just setting up a data room, our solutions were made with value realization in mind.

M&A Lifecycle Management Solution

Teams need to be collaborative and aligned to act fast and win deals in today’s market. DealRoom's M&A lifecycle management platform allows for all parties to collaborate in one place and spend less time organizing and more time executing. See why the best in the industry use DealRoom.

Most Intuitive Virtual Data Room

Need a cloud solution or an intuitive data room for M&A? FirmRoom is a virtual data room that provides public company security standards at a fair price.

Architect your M&A practice

Looking to make big changes, but don’t know where to start? Trying out a new process and not seeing the results you expected? Need a way to better train and align your team? 
Book a workshop with us! You’ll meet with an M&A expert to understand your goals and assess your current practices. We’ll guide you through architecting your new M&A process using proven techniques.

Join M&A practitioners

Be connected with a network of forward-thinking practitioners while gaining access to exclusive content.
On top of unlimited access to content, academy members receive additional benefits such as free invitations to all M&A Science summits and exclusive networking events.

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