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Our mission is to empower all M&A teams with the resources they need to grow.

Why do companies do M&A in the first place? To grow. That’s why it’s called inorganic growth. 

But traditional M&A processes are highly inefficient and antiquated, with teams often operating in silos and using inconsistent approaches. As a result, deals often fail to deliver anticipated value because important deal processes, such as diligence and integration, are completely disconnected from each other causing severe misalignment. 

That’s why Kison Patel, the founder and CEO of DealRoom, started M&A Science in 2017. As an M&A practitioner himself, he saw the glaring need for a place where M&A teams can learn and connect.

The M&A Science community has 1000s of active members and is growing by the day. The community is powered by M&A experts from across the globe (we like to call ourselves M&A Scientists) who are focused on empowering the M&A community at large by providing training, resources, events, and more.

Regardless of whether you are new to M&A and just looking to get started, or a seasoned M&A pro looking to take your practice to the next level, this community is a platform to share and obtain knowledge, proven techniques, and best practices. 

Join our community today - and let’s take M&A to the next level, together!

Kison Patel

  • Founder and Chief Scientist at M&A Science
  • Founder and CEO at DealRoom

Kison has over two decades of experience as an M&A advisor and is driven by a passion to empower M&A professionals, of all levels, across all industries, by providing access to the resources they need to grow their careers and companies. He is the host of the M&A Science podcast and the author of Agile M&A: Proven Techniques to Close Deals Faster and Maximize Value. Catch Kison on the road at one of our many in-person events or online hosting virtual roundtables and webinars.

M&A Science Faculty

The M&A Science community is powered by dedicated M&A experts from across the globe, who we endearingly refer to as M&A Science Faculty.  The M&A Scientists are focused on empowering the M&A community at large by providing training, resources, events, and more.

About DealRoom

Dealroom is on a mission to disrupt M&A for good. To disrupt traditional and highly inefficient M&A processes that result in deals often failing to deliver anticipated value - for the good of all stakeholders involved. 

DealRoom provides M&A software solutions, for both buy-side and sell-side M&A transactions, and is the founder of the M&A Science community which is focused on empowering all M&A teams to take their M&A to the next level.

Software solutions from DealRoom

M&A Optimization Platform

The eponymous and flagship offering from DealRoom is a cloud-hosted platform that revolutionizes your M&A function by providing a centralized hub for managing the full lifecycle of a deal - including real-time collaboration, communication, and data organization across the entire M&A lifecycle.

If you’re currently using Excel trackers and/or shared folder drives to manage your deals, DealRoom will reduce misalignment, save you time, and reduce costs (and headaches) by optimizing the entire process of managing an M&A transaction. Over 160 companies, from PE-backed rollups to global public companies, trust DealRoom to simplify and streamline their M&A function.

FirmRoom, by DealRoom, is the industry’s most intuitive virtual data room (VDR). The FirmRoom VDR serves as a secure repository for confidential information, enabling secure document sharing, controlled access, and comprehensive data analytics.

FirmRoom empowers M&A practitioners, and other data-sensitive functions, to conduct due diligence precisely and confidently, safeguarding sensitive information while facilitating seamless collaboration.