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Let’s rethink M&A

Corporations lose value in their acquisitions through ill-timed integration activities, lack of collaboration and coordination.

M&A Science Workshops are outcome-based providing clear tangible value. Instructors demonstrate and encourage the practice of actual methods. Programs are designed to fit in a full-time schedule at a reasonable cost.

Reinvent the M&A training experience

M&A training is often too high-level and lacks the how-to-do-it. The M&A Science Academy provides teams with knowledge from industry practitioners that can be applied to their own practices.

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Access a variety of tools, techniques, and approaches.


Divestiture Planning and Executing

In this workshop you will learn how to prepare a divestiture through Day 1. This workshop is designed for practitioners looking to learn more about the divestiture process or to wanting to improve their carve out strategy.


Modern Approach to Integration

This course will teach you why taking a modern approach to integration is more effective than the traditional approach. Learn the key differences, outcomes, and hear case studies that support this modernized approach.


Agile M&A Course

The ideas in "Agile M&A" are perfect fundamentals for the future generations of M&A integration specialists. Our traditional, gated approach to integration did well enough. But as with any traction, time changes and so should the practices. Companies are founded in their culture and technology. These very same companies are getting acquired. And acquirers need to evolve, otherwise, they set themselves up for failure. Learn Agile M&A. You'll be better off.


Budgeting for Integration

Integration is all too often an afterthought in this industry. Don’t hurt your own chances of success by not accounting for integration during the budgeting stage. In this course, learn how to plan a budget that effectively includes integration. 


Converting a Thesis to Measurable Integration Objectives

This course will teach you to convert a thesis into objectives that are measurable and lead to a better integration outcome.


Mastering M&A Leadership

After investing time in this workshop participants will have a framework for assessing M&A Leadership Effectiveness, be aware of the important elements of leadership that impact directly on people experience and therefore, indirectly on deal outcomes.


Mastering Culture - Before, During and After the Deal

In this workshop you will understand the the business case for doing best practice culture work at each deal stage, appreciate how merger outcomes can be driven and improved by leveraging culture management, add crucial cultural impact considerations to their decision making ground rules


Diligence Management

This course covers the full gamut of diligence management, starting from the time you sign the terms sheet to when you sign the final document. Covering everything from general strategy to negotiation planning, this diligence management workshop provides you with the tools you need to ensure the deal you enter is the right fit for your company.


Cultivating People Experience to Drive M&A Outcome

This course brings these findings to live through practical application. You will learn how to understand the link between people experience and deal outcomes and understand what you must do in your own organization to prepare for M&A transactions.

20+ instructors with their courses

Learn from the stories, failures, and successes of the industry’s leading practitioners.

Kison Patel
CEO and Founder of DealRoom
Russ Hartz
VP of Corporate Development at ANSYS, Inc.
Nitin Kumar
Chief Executive Officer at Appnomic
Galina Wolinetz
Managing Director at Virtas Partners
Rima Franklin
Strategy, Business Development and Corporate Development
Toby Tester
M&A and Divestiture Advisory
Carlos Cesta
Vice President Corporate Development at Presidio
Christina Amiry
Head of M&A Strategic Operations, Integration at Atlassian
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M&A templates and tools

By James Charles

M&A templates and tools

By James Charles

M&A templates and tools

By James Charles

Learn the tactical steps to overcome M&A challenges.

There’s a lot of pain points tied to day-to-day execution and the gap between deal-side and integration-side.


Learn to build the template and how to do it.

Apprentice training doesn’t work well and is inefficient. Handing a stack of templates doesn’t provide the needed context.


Save time addressing roadblocks by uncovering proven solutions.

Apprentice training doesn’t work well and is inefficient. Handing a stack of templates doesn’t provide the needed context.


Break open the black box: crowd-sourcing M&A techniques.

People about M&A Science

"I've not sure if I mentioned but your conference last week might be the best conference I've been whether in person or not. No PowerPoints, just smart people talking about the issues."

PJ Patel
Co-CEO & Senior Managing Director at Valuation Research Corporation (VRC)

"There’s power in admitting this is more art than science in some cases and I think finding a way to sample from the greatest minds in the game moves that forward."

Aaron Whiting
Senior Manager of Integration and Corporate Development at Insight Software

"Whether you're well established as someone who can translate creative energy into impact you want to have on M&A world, or just getting started as a catalyst for change - this is a must-listen podcast for you!"


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