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The M&A industry has historically lacked diversity and needs more women and people from different backgrounds. Many deals fail due to differences in culture and there isn’t enough talent to fill the rising need for qualified M&A professionals. And despite assumptions that experience in finance or an ivy-league education is needed, emerging candidates can come from any industry or job role and succeed in managing deals.

In an effort to level the playing field and bring a new diverse group of professionals into the industry regardless of race, ethnicity or gender, the M&A Science Diversity Scholarship Program aims to open opportunities and provide world class education to a broader audience. M&A Science will award 2-year scholarships to the M&A Science Academy with the goal of helping to build a more diverse M&A community that will offer different perspectives and innovate outdated ways of working.


Reinvent the M&A training experience


Learn the tactical steps to overcome common M&A challenges.


Move your practice forward by engaging with the greatest minds in the game.


Grow your own personal network, share experiences, and learn from other industry practitioners.

Templates and checklists

Pre-made templates to quickly start organizing and managing your transaction workflows.

10+ Instructors with their courses

Learn from the stories, failures, and successes of the industry’s leading practitioners.

Sabeeh Khan

How Corporate Development Sources Deals

Director, Corporate Strategy & Development at Syniti
Chris Hecht

Teaches the process of acquisition identification, execution and integration.

Head of Corporate Development at Atlassian
Aaron Whiting

Teaches strategy and acquisition integration.

M&A and Strategic Programs at ContinuumCloud
David Olsson

Teaches post acquisition integration planning and implementation.

Partner at Beyond the Deal
Larry Forman

Teaches how to use global corp dev to increase company value.

Senior Manager at Deloitte
John Morada

Teaches integration management, software engineering, and quantum computing.

Senior Director, M&A Integration at ICE Mortgage Technology
Michael Frankel

Teaches growth strategies, portfolio management, and integration planning.

SVP, Managing Director at Deloitte
Christian von Bogdandy

Teaches integration objectives planning.

Practice Director at Slalom
Kison Patel

Teaches M&A workflow improvements.

CEO and Founder of DealRoom, CEO and Founder Agile M&A, Executive Producer of M&A Science
Klint Kendrick

Teaches employee management.

Former HR M&A Leader at Oracle & Boeing and Chair of the HR M&A Roundtable
Christina Amiry

Head of M&A Strategic Operations at Atlassian
Russ Hartz

VP of Corporate Development at ANSYS, Inc.
PJ Patel

Teaches financial reporting and valuation techniques.

Co-CEO & Senior Managing Director at Valuation Research Corporation (VRC)
Toby Tester

Teaches effective divestiture preparation.

Senior Consultant & Project Manager at BTD

What are people saying?

Co-CEO & Senior Managing Director at Valuation Research Corporation (VRC)
PJ Patel

Your conference last week might be the best conference I've been whether in person or not. No PowerPoints, just smart people talking about the issues.

Senior Manager of Integration and Corporate Development at Insight Software
Aaron Whiting

"There’s power in admitting this is more art than science in some cases and I think finding a way to sample from the greatest minds in the game moves that forward."

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M&A templates and tools

By James Charles

M&A templates and tools

By James Charles

M&A templates and tools

By James Charles

Learn the tactical steps to overcome M&A challenges.

There’s a lot of pain points tied to day-to-day execution and the gap between deal-side and integration-side.


Learn to build the template and how to do it.

Apprentice training doesn’t work well and is inefficient. Handing a stack of templates doesn’t provide the needed context.


Save time addressing roadblocks by uncovering proven solutions.

Apprentice training doesn’t work well and is inefficient. Handing a stack of templates doesn’t provide the needed context.


Break open the black box: crowd-sourcing M&A techniques.


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