Jill Harrison

Jill Harrison

VP of Silverline Ventures


Positive Employee Experience is Key to Successful M&A

During this webinar, you will learn about employee support, how to leverage the acquired company leaders in communication, what mechanisms/processes to use to avoid potential disconnects, and more.

Today's guests:
Amy Gannaway
Vice President, Global Compensation, Benefits and HRIS at VMware
Cole Breidenbach
Pre and Post-Sales GTM and M&A Integration at Okta
Josh Olson
Head of Experience Solutions Sales - Americas at VMware
Jill Harrison
VP of Silverline Ventures
15 Jun

Evolving Technology in Mergers and Acquisitions

In this episode, Kison speaks with Jill Harrison and Steve Siler about which growing technology trends are addressing some of the largest challenges facing the M&A industry.

Today's guests:
Jill Harrison
VP of Silverline Ventures
Steve Siler
CTO at Stonebriar Commercial Finance
28 Aug


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