Scott Hile

Scott Hile

Senior Director - Corporate Development at Enviva

Scott Hile is Senior Director of Corporate Development at Enviva and is an accomplished mergers and acquisitions and global business leader, skilled at effective verbal and written communication, sought for mentoring. Known for uniting globally dispersed teams around cohesive project visions in achieving organizational goals. He has a track record of providing education and building capability in direct reports. He has experience with over 75 M&A and joint venture transactions (40+ closed, lead on 35+) and has 13+ years of evaluating, diligencing, and negotiating, and now 4+ years of successfully sourcing, transactions globally across a range of deal sizes and structures.


Balancing Legal and Business Concerns in M&A Transactions

Kison speaks with Scott Hile, an experienced M&A professional as he shares his experiences from both sides of M&A, including common transaction concerns and challenges.

Scott Hile
Senior Director - Corporate Development at Enviva
11 Dec


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