Zhu-Song Mei

Zhu-Song Mei

Founder & CEO at BigMarker.com

Zhu-Song is the Founder & CEO of BigMarker.com, the largest marketplace for webinars and online events. They provide a platform where webinar hosts can produce webinars, interactive online classes and presentations, and where consumers can find professionally valuable content from thousands of thought leading organizations.

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Leadership During a Downturn

Downturns bring a variety of challenges for leaders: Changing strategy, negotiating with vendors/landlords, taking care of your people, handling lay-offs.

Today's guests:
Gireesh Sonnad
CEO at Silverline
Jeremie Bacon
CEO, and co-founder of Chicago-based Synap Software Labs
Eero Pikat
President & CTO at Barchart
Zhu-Song Mei
Founder & CEO at BigMarker.com

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