Zoe Bogan

Zoe Bogan

Market Accelerator to Entrepreneurs at KPMG

Zoe Bogan is an organized, creative M&A integration professional with expertise in project management, integration planning, issue resolution, cultural assessment, finance & budgeting, stakeholder management and relationship building. Zoe is passionate about Diversity and Inclusion and has led numerous D&I initiatives and served on leadership councils (developing and executing strategies) that have positively impacted company culture. In addition she provides mentorship to peers and staff to maximize their success, and is skilled in mobilizing teams of varying strengths to accomplish business goals.


Why Everything You've Been Told About Integration is Wrong

When integration practices and past integrations are not closely examined and learned from, it can be easy to revert back to old ways and/or rely on standardized playbooks in the midst of the chaos of a deal. Integration is a delicate art that must value people and culture, and more and more practitioners are realizing this, yet still making mistakes and falling victim to common, incorrect assumptions. Today, we examine six incorrect approaches to integration and attempt to learn from them.

Ben de Haldevang
Partner at The Agile Gorilla
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Zoe Bogan
Market Accelerator to Entrepreneurs at KPMG
15 Jun


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