Agile M&A: Integration Curriculum

The Agile M&A course acts as a practical guide to equip deal teams with
a dynamic, up-to-date approach to closing deals faster and maximizing value.

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Trailer: How to Get through Your First 100 Days Faster

APR 12, 2023
Liz Lockhart, an expert in Agile M&A, will cover how to use Agile principles to break down complex integration projects into smaller, more manageable tasks, identify and prioritize critical activities, and rapidly adapt to changing circumstances.

Trailer: How Integration is Moving Upstream

APR 26, 2023
In the Agile Methodology, "epics" is a collection of user stories that together builds a larger feature or piece of functionality. Learn more about what they are and how they are leveraged to achieve better integration results.

Meet the Instructors

Liz Lockhart

Chief of Staff at Performica

John Morada

COO at M&A Science and DealRoom

Hannah Leung

Senior Manager, M&A at Salesforce

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