AI M&A Teardown Series

In this series Kison Patel Founder & CEO at DealRoom and Chief Scientist at M&A Science, debunks AI myths while teaching you the ins and outs of applying AI to your unique business.


Created by M&A Science, this series is designed to empower M&A professionals with the knowledge and tools to leverage AI in transforming deal-making processes. This series stands at the intersection of technology and tradition, challenging the norms and showcasing how data-driven insights can redefine success in M&A.

What you’ll learn

  • Practical ways to apply AI to enhance your M&A process
  • The truths and myths about how to best use AI
  • M&A templates and checklists

Meet Your Host

Kison Patel

Founder and Chief Scientist at M&A Science
Founder and CEO at DealRoom

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