Architecting your M&A practice

M&A is becoming increasingly complex. The traditional approaches don’t cut it anymore. Ensure greater success by building a clean, scalable M&A process from the ground up.

Grow via M&A

Organizations often pursue M&A as a way to achieve inorganic growth or enter into new markets. However, it takes organizational experience to execute M&A processes in a sustainable and measured manner.

We optimize M&A practices

M&A Science leverages technology, practical know-how and experience to create M&A success within your organization. We provide the tools, the processes, and the people to create a science-based approach to capture value opportunities.

1. Integration leader with 25+ years of experience

Unlock expert advice during one on one sessions with an experienced practitioner.

2. World class M&A Tools

Don’t settle for inefficient tools. Build a tech stack built to handle the complexity of M&A.

3. Proven M&A methodology

Achieving true growth requires a sustainable and scalable M&A framework.

What you can expect

Steps we use to help corporations perfect their M&A process:


  • Map existing processes, e.g. governance, information flow
  • Benchmark current technology
  • Conduct discovery interviews


  • Develop use case
  • Prioritize opportunities by value derived
  • Develop governance matrices
  • Design information management architecture

Specific Game Plan

  • Align optimal information management for success
  • Develop game plan for organization specific process incorporating use cases and optimal opportunity capture
  • Roadmap to implementation

Implement / Execute

  • Execute game plan
  • Trial solutions
  • Iterate to optimize

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