Architecting your M&A practice


Organizations often have a strategy to grow via M&A

However, many companies don’t have the organizational experience to execute their M&A processes in a sustainable, measured method.

Corporations lose value in their acquisitions through ill-timed integration activities, lack of collaboration and coordination.

Not having the right expertise in assessing various factors, i.e. HR, IT integration, etc., can exponentially decrease benefits in the acquisition.

When the design of the M&A process is an afterthought, teams waste time with non-value add tactical work. M&A teams need the best methodology and tools to perfect their practice, Agile M&A teams move fast and stay focused on value-activities.

M&A usually operates in silos, resulting in a slow, inefficient process. Whether across internal functions or with external teams, the ability to collaborate drives success. Aligning teams on the same approach is key to enabling collaboration. Building team agility is necessary to get the right people in the right place at the right time.


Implementing and Optimizing your inorganic growth

M&A Science leverages technology, practical know-how and experience to create M&A success within the organization.

We provide the tools, the processes and the people to create a science-based approach to capture value opportunities.

Below are the steps we use to help corporations perfect their M&A process.

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