Summary: Top 5 M&A Market Articles of Feb 2023

Looking to deepen your understanding of the current M&A Market? Here’s an overview of the top 5 articles of the last month.

  1. The stock market rally is about to crumble, Goldman Sachs says | 02/06/2023
  • The impressive year-to-date rally in the stock market is about to crumble, according to Goldman Sachs.
  • The bank said the S&P 500 has more downside than upside between now and the end of the year due to high valuations and weak earnings growth.
  • "The debt ceiling deadline later this year adds uncertainty to the path for US stocks," Goldman said.
  1. Venturing into the metaverse with strategic M&A | 02/27/2023
  • Deloitte identifies trends in the metaverse’s M&A activity by drawing “market boundaries” around content, user devices, software, and economy. In the article, Deloitte dives into the following three findings that emerged from this view of the transactions:
  • Content remains king
  • User devices may not be a key differentiator
  • Financial firms are the biggest movers
  1. Ansarada's Sustainability Outlook for 2023 | 02/2023
  • “If ‘permacrisis’ was one of 2022’s words of the year, ‘sustainability’ is gearing up to define 2023,” says Ansarada. According to their latest Global Deal Indicators 2023 H1 report, “the value of investments going into sustainable ventures has grown by 15% over the last two years” and is expected to grow even more. Based on trends in Europe, PWC has estimated that ESG investments “will make up over half of all global assets by 2025.”
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