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We’re obsessed with problem-solving. Using crowd-sourced best practices, we’ve developed the training, tools, and expertise needed to optimize your M&A function.

Our Solutions

Get Expert Advice

Confer with experienced practitioners to adopt new frameworks and build out a world-class M&A function.

Find Talent

Connect to the largest community of M&A professionals to find key talent.

Curate Your Tech Stack

Standardize your best practices with technology tools we built using knowledge from the best in M&A.

Learn from the Best

Join an online education platform with 60+ video courses, ebooks, and quizzes to learn M&A best practices.

Experience & Impact

M&A expert network across multiple capabilities and industries
M&A Science podcast episodes, featuring guests from Fortune 500 companies
pages of crowd-sourced content
M&A users on our various product offerings

Team members

Kison Patel

CEO of DealRoom, CEO at M&A Science, Author of Agile M&A

John Morada

COO at M&A Science + DealRoom

Marsha Forester

VP of Marketing at M&A Science

Kans Husarevich

VP of Operations

Roxanne Alexander


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