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The Value of Divestitures

Kison Patel
CEO and Founder of DealRoom, CEO and Founder Agile M&A, Executive Producer of M&A Science

Divestitures are a great way to add value to a company that impacts both the company procuring the asset and the seller as they both restructure themselves in a variety of ways. Although the technical definition of a divestiture is the disposal of an asset, by beginning to rethink that a divestiture is an asset and an opportunity for growth, you can reframe the idea of a divestiture as a disposal and see it as a chance to add value.

As companies grow, expanding and changing their portfolios to include or remove additional assets can help them to develop further their strengths or hone-in on them, instead of wasting time and resources on weaker areas. In this ebook, learn how the process of divestitures can help both companies connect to their areas of success.