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HR Podcasts

Assimilating Unique Cultures in M&A

Kison speaks with Kim Jones, Senior HR M&A Manager at Microsoft. Together they discuss what company culture is, at what of the deal to consider it, and how to assess the company culture.

The HR Practitioner’s Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence

On this episode of M&A Science, Kison Patel speaks with Dr. Klint Kendrick, Chair of HR, M&A roundtable. Klint was a former director of M&A, HR at Oracle, and HR M&A leader at Boeing. Together they discuss the HR practitioner's guide to M&A and due diligence, covering topics such as when to bring HR in, major HR risks, and how to weigh risks.

The Role HR Plays During a Divestiture

On this episode Kison speaks with Jillian Kaebel-Sisk, HR Global Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures Manager at Caterpillar. Jillian's current responsibilities include corporate strategy and business development. This podcast covers how HR practitioners plan for and executive divestitures.

How to Plan a Divestiture from HR’s Perspective

On this episode, Sallie Cunningham talks about how to plan a divestiture from HR’s perspective. She discusses the process of moving employees & describes Transition Service Agreements. Sallie also explains the key materials HR must-have when in order to prepare for due diligence during a divestiture & which transition records are required.

HR Blogs

A Comprehensive Guide to HR’s Role In Divestitures

HR plays a critical role during divestitures, such as consulting with corporate development teams, gathering information, setting up the data room and more. In this article, we take a comprehensive look at HRs’ role in divestitures, as well as proven best practices for divestitures and how they differ depending on the deal type.

HR’s Best Practices for Protecting Employees and Deal Value During Divestitures and Carve-Outs

During complex divestitures and carve-outs, HR personnel must act as a liaison between many functions of both the buyer and seller, while simultaneously producing key data. In this article, HR experts share their best practices for supporting divestitures and carve-outs, while protecting employees and deal value.