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Using M&A Best Practices to Get Better Deals

In a highly competitive market, speed is crucial for companies wanting to do M&A. Especially with all the economic and market changes that’s happening, professionals must use M&A best practices to get better deals. In this article, Brent Baxter, Chief Executive Officer at Association for Corporate Growth, and Jeff Giles, VP, Corporate Development at Core & Main, share their strategies and experiences when executing successful M&A.

Interview with:
Brent Baxter
Chief Executive Officer at Association for Corporate Growth (ACG)
Jeff Giles
VP, Corporate Development at Core & Main
Feb 17

Connecting Diligence and Integration in M&A

It's common to see due diligence and integration as separate stages in M&A, but combining them can make the M&A process much smoother and more effective. But how exactly can we weave these two critical phases together effectively? In this article, Amy M Weck, VP, M&A and integrations at The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers, offers practical strategies in connecting diligence and integration in M&A for optimal outcomes.

Interview with:
Amy M. Weck
VP, M&A & Integrations at Liberty Company insurance Brokers
Feb 17

How to Bridge Valuation Gaps in M&A

In M&A, it’s very common for buyers and sellers to disagree on the value of the business. If both parties cannot agree on the price, the deal could fall apart. However there are certain strategies and tools that both parties can use to compromise and be happy during closing. In this article, John Blair, Partner M&A Attorney at K&L Gates, shares best practices on how to bridge valuation gaps in M&A.

Interview with:
John Blair
Partner M&A Attorney at K&L Gates
Feb 10

Transforming Existing Staff into M&A Experts

In the dynamic world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), creating an effective team is crucial for success. This process can be complex and demanding, but also immensely rewarding. After all, having an internal team means having the capability of acquiring companies in the future, rather than treating M&A as one-time events. In this article, Birgitta Elfversson, Non-Executive Director at Netlight, shares her experience in transforming existing staff into M&A experts.

Interview with:
Birgitta Elfversson
Non-Executive Director at Netlight
Feb 10

Negotiating Cross Border M&A

Navigating cross border M&A is one of the most challenging tasks for deal makers. There are a lot of intricacies involved that are unique to each country, and must be handled delicately. In this article, Jake Lin, Head of Corporate Development at Xendit, shares his best practices when executing cross border M&A, particularly in South East Asia.

Interview with:
Jake Lin
Head of Corporate Development at Xendit
Feb 3

Achieving Business Growth Through Strategic M&A

In today’s competitive global market, organizations need to leverage every tool in their arsenal to stay ahead of the curve. One of the best ways to do this is strategic M&A. With the right approach, M&A can drive significant growth, unlock fresh opportunities, and expedite the achievement of strategic business goals. In this article, Yoav Zeif, CEO at Stratasys, shares his experience on achieving business growth through strategic M&A.

Interview with:
Yoav Zeif
CEO at Stratasys
Feb 3

The Challenges of Sell-side M&A

Every owner loves their business. This makes selling their company even harder than it already is. But aside from the emotional turmoil that founders go through every exit, there are also a lot of intricacies included in the process. In this article, Russ Heddleston, Co-founder & former CEO of DocSend, discusses the challenges of sell-side M&A and how to navigate them.

Interview with:
Russ Heddleston
Co-founder & former CEO, DocSend
Jan 27

Pros and Cons for a Growth Company to Take PE Capital

Partnering with PE firms is a great way to exponentially grow a business and reach new heights. However, there are considerations that must be taken into account, before taking PE capital. Fully understanding them will increase chances of success, in the attempt to unlock the full potential of the business. In this article, Jason Mironov, Managing Director at TA Associates, discusses the pros and cons of taking PE capital.

Interview with:
Jason Mironov
Managing Director at TA Associates
Jan 27

Selling a Small Business Unit

When times are good, big companies tend to ignore their smaller business units, as they operate smoothly on their own. It is only when the economy gets tough that these little businesses get more attention, and often seen as off-strategy or a distraction. That's when the company's leaders decide it's time to sell them, which is not ideal, as the business is no longer in their prime, making it harder to sell. But despite all these, Michael Frankel, Founder and Managing Partner of Trajectory Capital, joins us to share his best practices of selling a small business unit.

Interview with:
Michael Frankel
Founder and Managing Partner of Trajectory Capital
Jan 20

How to Create a Positive Exit Experience in M&A

Selling your business is never easy. Aside from the emotional stress that it provides, it can also be detrimental to the business if it's sold to the wrong company. Oftentimes, during the process, it can also serve as a massive distraction to the operations, harming the business in the process. In this article, we will discuss how to create a positive exit experience in M&A with Swapnil Shinde, CEO at Zeni.

Interview with:
Swapnil Shinde
CEO & Co-founder at Zeni
Jan 20

Realizing Revenue Synergies in M&A

Revenue synergies are often the reason for companies doing acquisitions. However, unlike cost synergies that happen instantly, they are more difficult to achieve and often go unrealized. One of the biggest problems in M&A is that when a company pursues a deal, different departments have varying perspectives on what's essential. This results in massive value leaks in the deal rationale. In this article, Chris Von Bogdandy, Global Lead M&A Solutions at Slalom, discusses his framework for realizing revenue synergies in M&A.

Interview with:
Christian von Bogdandy
Global Lead M&A Solutions at Slalom
Jan 13

Focusing on ESG in M&A

While ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is a fairly new term, it represents a range of critical issues and priorities that companies have long considered. And despite common beliefs, it doesn’t just apply to non-profit organizations. ESG elements are essential for risk management and maintaining company value even for for-profit organizations. In this article, we will discuss focusing on ESG in M&A, featuring Casey Nault, SVP, General Counsel, and Chief ESG Officer at Coeur Mining, Inc.

Interview with:
Casey Nault
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief ESG Officer at Coeur Mining, Inc.
Jan 6

How Not to Bomb Your First M&A Deal

M&A is a never-ending web of complexities and challenges. While the potential for growth and transformation is promising, the chances of failure are extremely high. To increase chances of success, acquirers must learn how to be adaptable and work with the target company for alignment. In this article, Brock Blake, Co-Founder and CEO of Lendio, shares their approach on how not to bomb your first M&A deal.

Interview with:
Brock Blake
Co-Founder & CEO at Lendio
Jan 1

The Basics of M&A Integration Execution

Value creation in any acquisition relies heavily on how well the integration goes. By focusing on integration, buyers can increase their chances of success in obtaining and realizing their intended synergies. But how well can it go if the company’s integration lead is a first-timer? Learn the basics of M&A integration execution, as Aaron Whiting, Chief of Staff at Crownpeak, explains how to train a first-time M&A integration lead.

Interview with:
Aaron Whiting
Chief of Staff and Transformation at Crownoeak
Dec 23

ChatGPT Interview: AI's Impact on M&A

This past year, AI has revolutionized the way we do things, and ChatGPT has been a big part of that. Created by OpenAI, ChatGPT can understand and use language like a human, making it extremely useful in a lot of different areas. And now, we can actually talk to it. This article is based on our first-ever ChatGPT interview. We are going to learn its insights on AI’s impact on the world of M&A.

Interview with:
ChatGPT Voice, powered by OpenAI
Dec 20

Automation in M&A

In today's digital era, the pervasive influence of technology is felt in every facet of business, and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are no different. The arrival of innovation and automation will soon make their way to the industry, streamlining processes that could bolster productivity and facilitate smoother post-merger integration. In this article, Dr. Karl Michael Popp, Senior Director, Corporate Development at SAP, discusses automation in M&A.

Interview with:
Dr. Karl-Michael Popp
Senior Director Corporate Strategy and Corporate Development at SAP
Dec 15

Executing Smaller Deals and Negotiating Key Legal Provisions

M&A comes in varying sizes. However, there’s a common misconception that smaller deals are easier to execute than larger ones. The truth is, that smaller deals come with their own unique set of challenges that could possibly make them even harder to do. In this article, Anthony Krueger, Associate at Morrison & Foerster LLP, debunks this myth and discusses how to execute smaller deals and negotiate key legal provisions.

Interview with:
Anthony Krueger
Associate at Morrison & Foerster LLP
Dec 9

The Intricacies of M&A from Start to Finish

For first-time acquirers, M&A can be challenging, as it comes with strenuous processes with many complexities that can turn the dream into a nightmare. However, with proper guidance, acquirers can have a smooth transaction and an amicable negotiation. To help us navigate our first deal, Rajive Dhar, VP and Head of Corporate Development at NetApp, discusses the intricacies of M&A from start to finish.

Interview with:
Rajive Dhar
VP, Head of Corporate Development at NetApp
Dec 2

M&A Surprises and Horror Stories

Every deal is different, which means each and every one will present unique challenges that teams have to overcome. Especially when dealing with smaller companies. There is no such thing as a perfect deal. However, with the right mindset and approach, deals can still close and bring value to both parties involved. In this article, Jim Ackerman, recent Vice President, Corporate Development at Flex, and Steve Coghlan, Semi-recent Vice President of corporate development at Flex, discuss their experiences on M&A surprises and horror stories.

Interview with:
Jim Ackerman
Recent VP of Corporate Development at Flex
Steve Coghlan
Semi-recent Vice President of Corporate Development at Flex
Nov 25

How Positive Relationships Can Drive Success in M&A

More than the numbers, relationships can make or break a deal. Regardless of the deal rationale, strong, trusting connections between parties can lead to smoother negotiations, clearer communication, and a greater likelihood of mutual satisfaction in the end result. In this article, Nicole Markowski, Manager and Corporate Development at Wipfli LLP, delves into the importance of cultivating positive relationships to drive M&A success.

Interview with:
Nicole Markowski
Manager and Corporate Development at Wipfli LLP
Nov 18

M&A from a CFO’s Perspective Session 2

In the grand scheme of things, every M&A must make financial sense. Whether it’s cutting cost, increasing revenue, or achieving operational efficiencies, it all boils down to the numbers. After all, every company’s main goal is to grow and increase profit for its shareholders. It is why the Chief Financial Officers play an integral role in M&A. In this article, we will explore M&A from a CFO’s perspective, featuring Samuel Wilson, Chief Executive Officer at 8x8.

Interview with:
Samuel Wilson
Chief Executive Officer at 8x8
Nov 11

M&A from a CFO Perspective Session 1

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) play a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of strategic ventures. Beyond their traditional financial responsibilities, these financial architects hold the key to unlocking the full potential of mergers and acquisitions. In this article, we will explore M&A from a CFO’s perspective with David Barnes, Chief Financial Officer at Trimble Inc.

Interview with:
David Barnes
Chief Financial Officer at Trimble Inc.
Nov 3

The Big Shift from Corporate Development to Private Equity 

Too often, corporate development practitioners want to change their scenery and end up switching to private equity. It’s a place where they can use their existing skills, and enjoy what they do, without certain restrictions present in a corporate setting. But what are the differences between the two industries? In this article, Joe Metzger, Managing Director at 777 Partners, shares his amazing journey shifting from corporate development to private equity.

Interview with:
Joe Metzger
Managing Director at 777 Partners
Oct 28

Integration Strategies in M&A part 2

Change management is one of the most crucial aspects of M&A. While integration involves multiple facets, from supply chains to customers, change management is solely focused on the employees. This can make or break a deal, as employee retention is one of the main ingredients to achieving synergies in a timely manner. In this article, Chris Evans, ex-Head of CorpDev Integration at Amazon, and Scott Boyd, former Head of Integration for AWS, discuss integration strategies, particularly the nuisances of change management.

Interview with:
Chris Evans
Experienced M&A Leader | ex-Head of CorpDev Integration at Amazon
Scott Boyd
Deputy Director, Strategy Implementation at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation | former Head of Integration for AWS
Oct 21

Integration Strategies in M&A Part 1

In the complex world of M&A, the difference between a successful deal and a failed one often hinges on integration. Proper integration, driven by a harmonious fusion of strategy and execution, ensures that the merging entities can effectively combine their strengths and navigate potential pitfalls. In this article, we dive deep into the heart of integration strategies and underscore the pivotal role of the integration team during the due diligence process, featuring Chris Evans, ex-Head of CorpDev Integration at Amazon, and Scott Boyd, former Head of Integration for AWS.

Interview with:
Chris Evans
Experienced M&A Leader | ex-Head of CorpDev Integration at Amazon
Scott Boyd
Deputy Director, Strategy Implementation at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation | former Head of Integration for AWS
Oct 14

Executing M&A in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a complex and rigid space where change is often rejected. Any evolution in this sector not only signifies business decisions but also influences the overall quality and accessibility of patient care. In this article, Roy Schoenberg, President & Co-CEO at Amwell, delves into the intricacies of navigating M&A in the healthcare industry.

Interview with:
Roy Schoenberg
President & Co-CEO at Amwell - American Well Corporation
Oct 7

How to Balance Culture During an Integration

Integration is not just about combining processes and systems. It is also about bridging the cultures of the companies and creating a shared identity. However, integrating two organizations can be complex, especially when it comes to managing major cultural differences. In this article, we explore key strategies for effectively balancing culture during an integration, featuring Mark Rayfield, CEO of Saint-Gobain North America, and CertainTeed.

Interview with:
Mark Rayfield
CEO of Saint-Gobain North America and CertainTeed
Sep 29

Planning and Executing Your Exit as an Investor

While most investors have a passive role in their portfolio company, some investors are active in shaping and contributing to its success. For venture capitalists, one of the best scenarios is for the portfolio company to be acquired to maximize investment returns. In this article, Dr. Irit Yaniv, Founding Partner and CEO at Almeda Ventures discusses what investors can do when planning and executing the exit.

Interview with:
Dr. Irit Yaniv
Founding Partner and CEO at Almeda Ventures
Sep 23

How PE Should Support Portfolio Company Acquisitions

The collaboration between a Private Equity (PE) firm and a portfolio company during an acquisition is a powerful partnership. Together, they create a synergistic environment where growth and value thrive. In this article, we will explore insights from Barak Routhenstein, Vice President of Corporate Development at Profile Products, on how PE firms can provide invaluable support to portfolio companies during the acquisition process, setting the stage for success and maximizing value creation.

Interview with:
No items found.
Sep 15

The Art of M&A: Striking the Right Balance Between Integration and Autonomy

For high-growth companies, M&A is almost inevitable. If done right, it could speed up growth and open new opportunities for the acquiring entity. However, it’s not without challenges, as it can also be destructive and destroy both companies involved. In this article, Glenn Sanford, CEO of eXp World Holdings, Inc., discusses the art of M&A, and striking the right balance between integration and autonomy.

Interview with:
Glenn Sanford
CEO of eXp World Holdings, Inc.
Sep 9

Ensuring Alignment for Deal Success

M&A is a massive undertaking that calls for collaboration among numerous individuals. Ensuring alignment with everyone involved is essential for the success of a deal. Yet, with a variety of opinions and personalities at play, achieving alignment can be quite a challenge. In this article, Andrew Bilbao, CFO of Noble Education Acquisition Corp, shares valuable insights on how to guarantee alignment for deal success, paving the way for a smooth and fruitful M&A process.

Interview with:
Andrew Bilbao
Current CFO of Noble Education Acquisition Corp.
Sep 1

How a Public Equity Analyst Evolves to Executing M&A

For public equity analysts, M&A is nothing new. One of their main jobs is to conduct financial analyses of companies and other potential investments. However, M&A execution is another story. Let’s explore how a public equity analyst evolves to executing M&A, featuring Greg Stein, Vice President of M&A and Ventures at Xerox, as he shares his experiences.

Interview with:
Greg Stein
Greg Stein, Vice President, M&A and Strategy at Xerox
Aug 25
Strategy & Sourcing

The Challenges of Cross-Border Deals

International business transactions often present unique challenges that are vastly different from local ones. The complexity increases exponentially when these transactions involve mergers and acquisitions (M&A). In this article, Clifford Felig, Partner at Meitar Law Offices, will discuss the challenges of cross-border deals, particularly in Israel, where he had most of his experiences.

Interview with:
Clifford Felig
Partner at Meitar | Law Offices
Aug 19

Tax Considerations in M&A

The intricacies of tax considerations in a merger or acquisition (M&A) transaction cannot be overstated. These considerations play a crucial role in shaping the overall economics and structure of the deal, and can significantly impact the outcome for all parties involved. With expert tax planning and structuring, it is possible to mitigate the tax burden and maximize the benefits of the transaction. In this exclusive interview, Lesley Adamo, Vice Chair of the Tax Group at Lowenstein Sandler LLP, delves into the importance of tax considerations in M&A and provides valuable insights on navigating this complex landscape.

Interview with:
Lesley Adamo
Vice Chair, Tax Group at Lowenstein Sandler LLP
Aug 12

How to do Deals in Latin America

International deals are one of the most challenging transactions to execute. Aside from the complexities of M&A, there are additional hurdles that acquirers must overcome to successfully acquire companies overseas. In this article, we will focus on how to do deals in Latin America and all the challenges that come along with it, featuring Juan Guillermo Castaneda, Senior Advisor to SKG CEO.

Interview with:
Juan Guillermo Castaneda
Former Senior Advisor to SKG CEO
Aug 5

The Path to Successful Equal Mergers

Too often, M&A involves a larger entity acquiring a smaller business. Only a few believe that a merger of equal can be possible, especially considering the power struggle between the two companies. However, a merger of equals can be a powerful strategy that could unlock tremendous value and opportunities for growth if done right. This article explores the path to successful equal mergers featuring Scott Crofton, Partner at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP.

Interview with:
Scott Crofton
Partner at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
Jul 29

How To Create a Value Chain Ecosystem

In today's highly competitive business landscape, companies are constantly looking for ways to enhance their capabilities and maintain their edge. With so many competitors in the market, how can a company stand out and reduce customer churn? In this article, Brian Matthews, CEO at ITEL, discusses his value chain ecosystem approach that can drive business stability and growth.

Interview with:
Brian Matthews
Jul 22

Buying Carve-outs for Future Exits

In big companies, some business units may not perform well and might be overlooked. It can be helpful for the company to find a more suitable owner for these units. At the same time, buyers can take advantage of these opportunities to improve their businesses and maximize their potential. In this article, we will explore the experiences of Josh Covey, a successful CEO, acquirer, and investor, and Matthew Davidge, co-owner of NBC Affiliate WVNC, as they buy and develop these businesses with the goal of exiting in the future.

Interview with:
Joe Covey
Advisor at Bluestream Health
Matthew Davidge
Co-Owner of the NBC Affiliate WVNC (Watertown, NY)
Jul 15

How to Execute Product-Based Acquisitions

There are many different reasons why companies buy other entities. Traditionally, acquirers have focused more on the financial aspect of the target company. However, experience has shown that not all acquisitions are the same, and must be executed properly against their strategy. In this article, we discuss how to execute product-based acquisitions featuring Andrew Morbitzer, VP/Head of Corporate Development at Typeform.

Interview with:
Andrew Morbitzer
VP/Head of Corporate Development at Typeform
Jul 7

Building your M&A Muscle

In this article, Nate Lemmerman, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Cast & Crew, shares his experience and tips on how to build your M&A muscle.

Interview with:
Nate Lemmerman
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development at Cast & Crew
Jul 3

How to Overcome M&A Hurdles

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a long and tedious process filled with challenges and surprises that could harm the acquiring company or destroy the deal altogether. To ensure a successful transaction, it's crucial to identify and overcome these hurdles. In this article, we'll discuss the most common M&A challenges and the best approach to overcome them, featuring Ritika Butani, Head of Corporate Development at Toast.

Interview with:
Ritika Butani
SVP / Head of Corporate Development at Toast
Jun 23

Build-to-Buy Option Structure

M&A is inherently risky, but the rewards of a successful deal can exponentially grow a company overnight. There are many things to consider before closing a transaction, and big companies are finding new deal structures to minimize risks when doing acquisitions. In this article, Finn Haley, SVP of Corporate Development at Edwards Lifesciences, discusses the build-to-buy option structure they use in the healthcare industry.

Interview with:
Finn Haley
SVP, Corporate Development at Edwards Lifesciences
Jun 16

Key Regulatory Considerations for M&A in the Current Market

M&A activity has definitely slowed down. Due to economic uncertainty and high-interest rates, companies are hesitant to expand during these times. In addition, executing deals has also become more difficult due to regulatory changes, especially in the tech industry. In this article, Mark Legaspi, Director, Legal - Corporate at LinkedIn, discusses key regulatory considerations for M&A in the current market.

Interview with:
Mark Legaspi
Director, Legal - Corporate at LinkedIn
Jun 10

The Evolution of M&A Functions

Acquiring companies can be extremely rewarding if done right. To be proficient in M&A, a dedicated function must be established for continuous improvement. As the M&A function evolves, it increases the chances of deal success and value creation. In this article, David Hindley, VP of Corporate Development at Autodesk, shares his journey on how he evolved an M&A function from scratch.

Interview with:
David Hindley
VP of Corporate Development at Autodesk
Jun 2

Thriving in Times of Change With Flexibility in Your Integration Planning

M&A integration is usually made up of checklists that outline the step-by-step agendas and milestones to successfully integrate the acquired company. But during integration, things don’t always go as planned, and teams must be able to pivot and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the project. In this article, Staci van Schagen, Head of M&A Integration & Disentanglement at Philips, shares her ways on how to thrive in times of change with flexibility in integration planning.

Interview with:
Staci van Schagen
Head of M&A Integration & Disentanglement at Philips
May 27

Best Practices When Selling a Business

Selling a business can be a complex and daunting process. The key to a successful exit lies in implementing best practices that have been proven effective by industry experts. In this article, we'll outline some valuable insights from Jeff Wald, Co-founder of Bento Engine, on how to maximize the potential of a business during the exit process, engage investors effectively, and conduct confirmatory due diligence. By following these guidelines, entrepreneurs and business owners can be better prepared to navigate the challenges of selling a business.

Interview with:
Jeff Wald
Co-founder of Bento Engine
May 20
Strategy & Sourcing

How to Focus on Integration as a Corporate Development Professional

In this article, Brent Campbell, Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy at Alight Solutions, discusses how to focus on integration as a corporate development professional.

Interview with:
Brent Campbell
Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy at Alight Solutions
May 15

The HR Practitioner’s Guide to Cultural Integration in Mergers and Acquisitions

Cultural fit has become increasingly, as more companies are embracing diversity and inclusion, and acquirers must mitigate cultural differences early on during post-close integration. When two companies fit together, people are more likely to be productive and satisfied with their work. In this article, Klint Kendrick, HR and M&A Leader, gives us a view on the HR practitioner’s guide to cultural integration in M&A.

Interview with:
Klint Kendrick
Chair of the HR M&A Roundtable and Former HR M&A Leader at Oracle & Boeing
May 5

Valuation Trends / Principles and Working with Earnouts

Deals and even negotiations can’t be done without a proper company valuation. Valuation is a fundamental process that helps determine the true worth of a company, providing a solid foundation for negotiations between parties. But valuations are not always objective, and there are a lot of factors that can impact them. In this article, PJ Patel, Co-CEO & Senior Managing Director at Valuation Research Corporation (VRC), discusses current valuation trends and working with earnouts.

Interview with:
PJ Patel
Co-CEO & Senior Managing Director - VRC
Apr 28

Growing through Multiple Roll-ups

A roll-up is a powerful deal type that involves acquiring multiple smaller companies to combine them into a large entity. When properly carried out, these strategic actions can significantly increase shareholder value and set up companies for record-breaking development. In this article, we have the privilege of hearing from Sam Youssef, Founder and CEO at Valsoft Corporation, a company that has experienced explosive growth through multiple roll-ups.

Interview with:
Sam Youssef
Founder and CEO at Valsoft Corporation
Apr 21
Strategy & Sourcing