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2024 Spring Summit

A thought leadership event to optimize the way you do M&A

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What is the Spring Summit?

The Spring Summit is a semi-annual virtual event that unites experienced and up-and-coming M&A Science community members. This year's event featured presentations from trusted thought leaders who shared insights on the latest trends in M&A and provided expert tips and best practices for optimizing the way you do M&A.



Keynote: How M&A Disruptors are Re-thinking Their Practices

John Palusci
Division Director of Transformation Finance
Ciprian Stan
Head of M&A Integration, Polygon
Kison Patel
Founder and CEO, DealRoom
Naomi O’Brien
M&A Integration Leader
Tyler Rodewald
CPA - VP, Mergers and Acquisitions, EIS Holdings

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In this session, trusted thought leaders in M&A, Tyler Rodewald from EIS and John Palusci, from BAYADA, and Ciprian Stan from Polygon share experiences, leveraging tried-and-true practices and years of expertise.

Watch now to learn how they are rethinking traditional M&A practices to embrace a year of growth in 2024. Don't miss this opportunity to hear directly from true disruptors in the M&A industry.

Beyond Checklists and Playbooks: Value-Focused Integration for Deal Thesis Alignment & Risk Reduction

Christian von Bogdandy
Global Lead M&A - Managing Director, Slalom
Kristopher Bates
Senior Manager, PMO (CEO Office), Miovision

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This session features Chris von Bogdandy, Global Lead M&A Solutions at Slalom, and Kris Bates, Senior Manager, PMO at Miovision, in an engaging discussion about maximizing synergy capture. Listen in to learn how you can mov beyond functional silos, understanding the core 'why' of an acquisition, and explore deep synergies that can unlock significant value.

Whether you're involved in integrations or interested in the strategic aspects of M&A, you'll gain actionable insights and practical takeaways to link the deal thesis directly with integration efforts. This session is a must-watch for anyone looking to go beyond traditional checklists in their integration approach.

Women in M&A: M&A Best Practices & Predictions for 2024

Elizabeth Buck
VP of Partnerships and Alliances, DealRoom
Ritika Butani
Corporate Development Leader
Amy M. Weck
VP, M&A and Integrations, The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers
Shveta Mujumdar
SVP, Corporate Dev, Intuit

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This informative session features Shveta Mujumdar, SVP, Corporate Dev at Intuit; Ritika Butani, Corporate Development Leader with experiences at Yahoo, Block, and most recently Toast; and Amy Weck, VP, M&A and Integrations at The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers.

In this session, they share their invaluable learnings from 2023 and insightful predictions for the M&A landscape in 2024. From sourcing billion-dollar deals to devising strategies for successful integrations, the panel offers both inspiration and education through the lens of our Women in M&A community.

Deal or No Deal: Cracking the Code of Valuations in 2024

PJ Patel
Co-CEO, Valuation Research Corporation (VRC)
Charles Sapnas
Managing Director, Valuation Research Corporation (VRC)
Chris Mellen
Senior Managing Director, Valuation Research Corporation (VRC)

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In this session PJ Patel, Co-CEO, Charles Sapnas, Managing Director, and Chris Mellen, Senior Managing Director of Valuation Research Corporation, explore the state of valuation in 2024 and share their wealth of experience, having worked on 1000+ deals and valued 25k securities last year alone. Watch now to get unparalleled insights into the current market environment.

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