Galina Wolinetz

Galina Wolinetz

Managing Director at Virtas Partners

Galina Wolinetz is the Managing Director at Virtas Partners. She is a multifaceted Senior Executive with 25 years of industry experience in execution of corporate strategic growth initiatives through mergers, acquisitions and other business combinations, from portfolio strategy development to post-merger integration.

She is an Executive Program Leader with demonstrated strong management, planning and organizational skills with ability to solve complex issues in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. Post-merger integration program leadership of $18B+ acquisition generating near $1B in synergies.


Why is M&A Integration so Hard?

M&A deals are notorious for going belly up, particularly during the integration phase. Why is it that this phase of the process is the most difficult? Kison sits down with Galina Wolinetz from Virtas Partners and James Payne from Merger Integration Consulting to discuss.

Today's guests:
James Payne
Principal Consultant at Merger Integration Consulting LLC
Galina Wolinetz
Managing Director at Virtas Partners
21 May


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