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Managing the Pain of Integration

In this course, learn how to manage the pains of integration, integration strategy, key diligence questions for understanding integration challenges, and more. This course is taught by Stephen Myers, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

What you’ll learn

  • Building an M&A center of Excellence
  • Hiring your first FTE
  • How integration impacts the deal model
  • Importance of Financial Deal Models in M&A Integration Planning

Course content

What Integration Planning Is

Tips for Handling Distressed Entities' Acquisitions

When to Start Planning for Integration

Strategies for Re-energizing Post-merger Integration Efforts

Realigning Your Integration Strategy When Things go South

The Biggest Lesson Learned from Integration

Who is this course for

This course is for corporate development and M&A professionals seeking guidance on managing the pain points that integration can cause with a planned strategy. Stephen breaks down pain management in multiple parts, and answers questions on specific examples.


Stephen Myers
Director, M&A Integration, Corporate Development at Qualtrics

Stephen has over 20 years of business experience with technology companies. During his career he helped create the TelePresence market as the product manager for Cisco TelePresence, he managed the creation of analysis tools for big data at Cisco, the third hire in a startup that was acquired for $180M, led a team of systems integrators at Disney, has a patent under his belt and managed all or part of 14 Cisco (M&A) acquisition integrations worth over $12B - to name a few of his accomplishments. As a seasoned leader, he has led and built skilled teams, facilitating high-quality processes in cross-functional environments, and brought to market multiple products in the network management and collaboration spaces. Stephen has a proven record of innovation and delivering meaningful results. Moreover, in all endeavors, he has a fundamental philosophy of supportive leadership that creates and communicates clear and realistic expectations while allowing room to improve to exceed those expectations.


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