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Nov 8, 2023 9 AM — 4 PM CT
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About the Fall Summit

Join us and other M&A professionals for the M&A Science Fall 2023 Summit as we discuss current trends and share advice from industry practitioners. The sessions will cover a variety of M&A topics - divestitures, diligence, integration, and more. The event also includes a Q&A with the instructors and a networking session. Hear from experts in internal diligence, careers in corporate development, M&A landscapes, M&A law, and more.



November 8th, 2023

Adapting Your Integration Playbook: Culture and Operating Model

Strategies for Integration Success:

  • Adapting playbooks for the acquirer profile
  • Creating the environment for leadership collaboration
  • Including target in value creation strategy and defining outcomes
Kimberly Baird
M&A, Integration and Operations Leader at Maximize M&A

Valuation for M&A: Fair Market Value vs. Investment Value

This seminar will bridge the gap between the business appraiser’s “fair market value” world and the M&A advisor’s “market value" world in the open marketplace. 

  • Appreciate how, while FMV represents a floor value from a seller’s perspective, it can serve as a springboard for valuation for M&A.
  • Be able to identify how potential synergies play into investment value and ultimately price.
  • Recognize the importance of identifying the value of a company’s intangible assets in a transaction.
  • Walk through two case studies of actual transactions.
Chris Mellen
Senior Managing Director & Shareholder at Valuation Research Corporation

Role of EQ in Technology Integrations

As we lead Tech integrations, we have to also consider the acquisition culture compared to our culture (the acquiree) and be emotionally intelligent enough to know where to push, negotiate, or let go. We also have to find ways to say "No", which we have done in sessions on "The Good No" and Emotional Intelligence. This helps create trusted working relationships and helps get to "We" versus "They" to solve issues and integrate faster. Of course, this is when we have our playbooks and processes down and can start with "Here is the journey" and let's figure out how we get there and any roadblocks to it.

Windy Nicholson
VP Technology and Product, Mergers and Acquisitions Integration at Salesforce

Lunch Break

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Developing an M&A Thesis

Develop a view of the specific areas where M&A could be deployed and could act as an accelerant to the broader corporate strategy. We try to form that investment thesis in advance of evaluating specific opportunities, and it doesn't always work out that way. But ultimately, our goal is to have an investment thesis developed around specific areas that would support our business and allow us to be in a position to be efficiently reactive when opportunities come up.

Siran Tanielyan
SVP Corporate Development at Paramount

Retaining Top Talent in a Post-Pandemic World: Insights & strategies from our groundbreaking survey

When employees leave, they destroy deal value by walking away with key customer relationships, institutional knowledge, and the know-how required to realize the deal's investment thesis. In this information-packed session, we will share the key findings of our 2023 survey on talent retention during M&A. You'll learn about the trends, challenges, and best practices affecting employee retention after the pandemic. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve by optimizing your M&A retention efforts and deal ROI.

Klint Kendrick
Chair of the HR M&A Roundtable and Former HR M&A Leader at Oracle & Boeing

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: JV Exit Mechanisms

Scott Crofton
Partner at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

Trivia and Giveaway Announcement

Kison Patel
CEO of DealRoom, CEO at M&A Science, Author of Agile M&A


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