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21 Dimensions to Cultural Integration

“Every deal is different and it doesn't have to do with the industry. It has to do with the deal itself.” - Valeria Strappa

This discussion talks about one of the hardest things in M&A practice- Cultural Integration. Discussing this topic is Jonathan Shiery, Director at Guidehouse, and Valeria Strappa, Director and Healthcare Integration Leader at JP Morgan, Chase.

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Jonathan Shiery

Jonathan Shier is the director at Guidehouse, a trusted advisory company to more than 300 leading global financial services companies

Valeria Strappa

Valeria Strappa is the Managing Director of Healthcare Integration Leaders at JP Morgan Chase and Co. She held senior positions in major international corporations, including McKinsey, General Electric, Citibank and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., where she transformed businesses and championed key initiatives to anticipate changing client and employee behaviors, digital disruption and technology transformation.

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