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Cultivating Relationships with Deal Targets

Learn how to effectively communicate with your target while getting a deal done. How important it is to cultivate a relationship with the deal target? What are the common mistakes that people do when creating relationships with the deal target. How can relationships affect the negotiations?

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Bruce Bowden

Bruce Bowden is the CFO of Interactions LLC. He is an accomplished Corporate Executive with global business experience with the focus on enhancing shareholder value by accelerating growth and expanding profit margins. Over the course of his career, Bruce has developed and leveraged business, financial and legal acumen with operations leadership to drive organic and external growth across diverse industries and geographies.

Michael Frankel

Michael Frankel is Founder and Managing Partner of Trajectory Capital. He has held c-level executive roles (corporate development, strategy/innovation, CFO, COO) at large and small growth companies. He is a Corporate Development, Innovation, Strategy and Corporate Venture leader who has driven disruptive innovation and aggressive growth/expansion at global technology, information services and professional services companies including Deloitte, LexisNexis Group, IRI, GE Capital and VeriSign.

Michael has extensive experience sourcing, leading and negotiating 110+ transactions, as well as integration planning, management, product development, strategic planning and portfolio management.

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