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Working with the Business Leader to Build an M&A Strategy

"You're either setting yourself up for success or failure based on the relationship you have with the business sponsor." - Michael Frankel

This is an interview with Michael Frankel, Senior Vice President Managing Director at Deloitte New Venture Accelerator, and Justin Goldman, Senior Vice President, Strategic Finance and Corporate Development at MediaMath. In this discussion, they talked about working with business leaders to build an M&A strategy.

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Justin Goldman

Justin Goldman is the VP of Finance at Place Exchange. For 15+ years he was able to help companies navigate through growth periods and challenging environments. He has been a trusted advisor to and within technology-based companies and led several lean, high-performing teams.

Michael Frankel

Michael Frankel is Founder and Managing Partner of Trajectory Capital. He has held c-level executive roles (corporate development, strategy/innovation, CFO, COO) at large and small growth companies. He is a Corporate Development, Innovation, Strategy and Corporate Venture leader who has driven disruptive innovation and aggressive growth/expansion at global technology, information services and professional services companies including Deloitte, LexisNexis Group, IRI, GE Capital and VeriSign.

Michael has extensive experience sourcing, leading and negotiating 110+ transactions, as well as integration planning, management, product development, strategic planning and portfolio management.

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