M&A Science Spring Summit 2022

It’s Time for New M&A Ideas to Bloom
May 19, 2022
9 AM CT – 11 PM CT; 4 PM CT – 7:30 PM CT

About the Summit

The cold and long winter is officially behind us and it’s time to spring clean your M&A habits! We are here to help you reflect on your techniques and workflows, achieve a fresh start for the new season, and blossom novel ideas. Join us on May 19 for the M&A Science Spring Summit!
During the summit, we will be covering go-to-market strategy planning, deal sourcing, process reflection and improvement, and more.


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Our Speakers


May 19, 2022
Javid Moosaji
Javid Moosaji, M&A Sales Integration Strategy PayPal

A Deep Dive into GTM Strategy

10 AM CT
Aaron Whiting
Aaron Whiting, M&A and Strategic Programs at ContinuumCloud

How to Build an M&A Plan

11 AM CT
Bani Bedi
Bani Bedi, SVP, Head of Corporate Development, Strategy and Monetization at Smartsheet

Secrets to Building an M&A Function

12 PM CT
John Morada
John Morada - chief operating officer at M&A Science

Viva Agile M&A Integration!

M&A Integration can become complex quite quickly. Responding to changes and risks as they appear can be mitigated just as quickly. Learn about agile techniques during Integration with John Morada to lower your risk.

Joachim Heel
Joachim Heel, Chief Revenue Officer at Zebra Technologies

Capturing Revenue Synergies

Happy Hour Networking Event

For those in the Chicago area, we will be hosting an in-person happy hour following the summit.
Ken Bond (VP, Corporate Development at Cetera Financial Group) and Mike Palumbo (Director of Business Development) will be joining as co-hosts.
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