M&A Science Spring Summit 2023

It’s Time for New M&A Ideas to Bloom
March 8, 2023
9 AM CT - 4 PM CT

About the Summit

Sourcing a deal that is quick to diligence and easy to integrate may feel like searching for a four-leaf clover. Ready to become your company’s M&A good luck charm? Join us for the M&A Science Spring Summit of March 2023! Come and learn new M&A tips and techniques that will leave you feeling like you just found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! 
During the summit, hear from experts in internal diligence, careers in corporate development, M&A landscapes, M&A law, and private equity trends.


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Our Speakers


March 8th, 2023
9 AM CT | 10 AM ET
Michael Frankel
Michael Frankel, Founder and Managing Partner of Trajectory Capital

Private Equity Trends

10 AM CT | 11 AM ET
Lesley Adamo
Melissa Libutti
Lesley Adamo, Vice Chair, Tax Group at Lowenstein Sandler LLP
Melissa Libutti, Associate at Lowenstein Sandler LLP

Tax M&A Bootcamp

11 AM CT | 12 PM ET
Stephen Myers
Stephen Myers, Director, M&A Integration, Corporate Development at Qualtrics

Managing the Pain of Integration

12 PM CT | 1 PM ET
Kunal Jain
Kunal Jain, Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy at GCX

Building a Career in Corporate Development (Networking Lunch)

1 PM CT | 2 PM ET
Pat Belotti
Pat Belotti, M&A Integration Expert, previously at: Cisco, Microsoft, Zendesk

Internal Diligence

2 PM CT | 3 PM ET
Tomer Stavitsky
Tomer Stavitsky, VP Corporate Development, Healthcare

M&A Landscapes and Identify Gaps in M&A strategy

Post-Summit Happy Hour

For those of you in the Chicago area, join us for a post-summit social! This event is for in-house, corporate M&A practitioners only. For more information, fill out the form.
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