Agile M&A

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Agile M&A is a leading framework designed to easily share, learn and apply proven M&A techniques. Move your practice forward with a science-based approach. 

Agile M&A Methodology


Built on the principles of Lean and Agile,

Agile M&A is designed specifically to provide foundational improvements to the way in which M&A deals are executed. Since the early 1990s, Agile project management practices have proven to be successful across diverse industries, fostering a mindset of collaboration, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

Agile M&A incorporates lessons from these past successes to create a model tailored to the specific needs of the M&A industry.

Learn the principles of Agile M&A and how to successfully implement key practices in M&A transactions in our book Agile M&A: Proven Techniques to Close Deals Faster and Maximize Value.

By utilizing the Agile M&A framework, and feedback from other M&A professionals on their own methodologies, we have created a plays library. 

Our library is a collection of plays

created by industry experts from a variety of M&A backgrounds. The plays are designed to teach teams how to revamp their deal lifecycle workflows with practical how-tos. They cover a variety of topics such as diligence, integration, sourcing and more.

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Agile M&A: Proven Techniques to Close Deals Faster and Maximize Value

“Discover actionable techniques to close more efficient and successful M&A transactions.”

Founder and CEO of DealRoom

The book, Agile M&A, looks at how Agile, the project management technique that propelled Silicon Valley startups, can be scaled and implemented to improve the entire lifecycle of M&A while increasing value and closing deals faster.

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