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Building Corporate Development

To be effective each transaction type requires different corporate development focus, alignment, skill sets and structure. Learn how to build an in-house corporate development team that can pivot focuses.

What you’ll learn

  • Resources to utilize when building an M&A function
  • The ideal relationship between corporate development and other business functions
  • Corporate development structure options
  • Finding the right people for your team

Course content


Joint Ventures

Reasons for an Acquisition

Advice for New People Getting into Corporate Development

Common challenges you may face when building a corporate development team

How to hire a corporate development team

Who is this course for

This course intends to provide knowledge and advice on how to build a corporate development function.


Ivan Golubic
CFO, FastLap

Ivan Golubic served as an executive, focusing on a strategic approach to corporate development and operational initiatives. Directed all mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, divestiture initiatives and manages strategic partnerships, executing deals from $0.5 - $2B per year in various industries. Ivan Golubic is a Vice President Finance, Strategy and Corporate Development: M&A, JVs, Strategic Partnerships; Non-For-Profit Executive Director and BOD member.


Upon completing the course, students will receive a badge for "Building Corporate Development".

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