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How to Model Synergies in M&A

How to Model Synergies in M&A

In this course, learn how to model synergies in M&A from PJ Patel, Co-CEO & Senior Managing Director at Valuation Research Corporation.


What you’ll learn

  • Detailed synergy model examples
  • Tips on how to avoid overvaluing synergies
  • Alternative ways to measure success in synergies
  • Different types of data sources

Course content

Synergy Model Examples Slides

What are some tips on how to avoid overvaluing synergies?

How often do companies use earnouts?

Working with Clients & External Auditors When Reviewing the Deal Models

Tips for Choosing Public and Transaction Companies

Alternative Ways to Measure Success.

Who is this course for

M&A professionals looking for guidance and practical tips on synergy models.


PJ Patel
Co-CEO & Senior Managing Director at Valuation Research Corporation (VRC)

PJ Patel is the Co-CEO and Senior Managing Director at Valuation Research Corporation (VRC). He leads VRC’s financial reporting practice, is a frequent presenter on valuation issues, and recently spoke at the Financial Accounting Standards Board roundtable to discuss how goodwill is valued.


Upon completing this course, you will receive a badge for "How to Model Synergies in M&A".

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