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Integration Scar Tissue and the Plays that Healed Us

In this course, learn how to improve your integration based on lessons learned by Aaron Whiting, Corporate Development & Acquisition Integration Director at Insightsoftware & John Morada, Senior Director at ICE Mortgage Technology.

What you’ll learn

  • Wind downs
  • Using aspects of Scrum / Agile towards resource needs
  • Implementing an effective cadence between multiple integrations
  • Questions to ask for an integration pulse survey

Course content

Wind Downs with John Morada

Agile and Integration

How to Take Aspects of Scrum / Agile and Use it Towards Resource Needs

When Individual Group Members Carry the Weight of the Team's Work

Implementing Cadence Between Multiple Integrations Across Teams

Integration Pulse Survey

Who is this course for

Those looking to improve their integration workflows, and how to apply Agile/Scrum methodologies and integration pulse surveys to your current processes.


Aaron Whiting
Chief of Staff and Transformation at Crownoeak

Aaron Whiting is the Corporate Development and Acquisition Integration Director at insightsoftware. He has over a decade of experience with scoping, designing, and quarterbacking the delivery of solutions to the end-user through various roles and focuses. John Morada is Senior Director at ICE Mortgage Technology.


Upon completing this course, you will receive a badge for "Integration Scar Tissue and the Plays that Healed Us".

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