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September 26, 2022

How to Improve the Sales Function During Integration

The sales operation is the cornerstone of every business. Without it, companies would not have revenue. Let's learn how to improve the sales function during integration from Richard Dunkel, Global Head of Field Enablement at Celonis.

"Sales is all about figuring out who your most likely target customers are within the universe." - Richard Dunkel

How to Build an Outbound Pipeline

If the company purely relies on inbound sales, it's time to create an outbound pipeline. Building an outbound sales pipeline requires work before the sales team gets involved. 

  1. Determine the company's target audience
  2. Target the right persona inside organizations
  3. Prioritize targets
  4. Determine the value proposition
  5. Determine how to reach the target audience

Actively generate demand by using marketing and events. Engage and educate potential prospects in order to create brand awareness before passing them to the business development representatives and sales team. 

Hiring Leaders

A good leader is essential in running an efficient and effective sales function. Find leaders who can represent the company's values.

Every leader brings something different to the table. What's important is to find someone who has the ability and experience to achieve the organization's goals. Assess a potential leader’s strengths based on their track record. 

Building the Sales Team

Before building a high-performing sales team, a leader needs to understand the complexities of the sales process in order to have a customer-focused operation. 

"When customers are successful with your product, you will have a lot of opportunities to expand the relationship." - Richard Dunkel

Be invested in customer success. Create a committed culture where the team understands and prioritizes customers' needs.

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