M&A Science Diversity Scholarship, 2-Year Program


M&A Science Academy is a platform for forward-thinking M&A practitioners to share best practices and proven techniques to develop an evidence-based approach to achieve better outcomes for M&A deals. Our organization recognizes the importance of empowering all individuals, including women, people of color, and individuals with diverse ethnic backgrounds, to seek and achieve their M&A career goals. Through the educational experience we provide at the M&A Science Academy, we see ourselves as well-positioned to help fill a rising need for new qualified M&A professionals who can better insulate deals from failure caused by cultural differences.  And despite assumptions that experience in finance or an ivy-league education is needed, emerging candidates can come from any industry or job role and succeed in managing deals.

To shepherd in a new, diverse group of professionals to the industry, the M&A Science Diversity Scholarship Program is intended to open opportunities and provide world-class education to a broader audience. M&A Science will award those who are selected with  2-year scholarships to the M&A Science Academy. Through the benefits of an academy education, we believe it will help build a diverse pool of professional talent that can bring fresh perspectives and innovation to the M&A community.

Eligible Recipients

  • Applicants must be seeking to enter or advance a career in M&A.  
  • Candidates from underrepresented communities and nontraditional educational backgrounds preferred.

Application Requirements

  • Applicants must submit a complete entry including a description of their interest in pursuing a career in M&A.  
  • Applicants must complete the online application form by its designated due date.
  • Paid members of Dealroom can each nominate a candidate for one paid scholarship. Nominations are subject to approval by the selection committee.  
  • Recipients agree to be part of a database of grant recipients that will be tracked over time.
  • Individuals may only apply for one grant. All completed applications submitted by the application deadline will be considered. Each application is reviewed by the M&A Science Diversity Scholarship Program grant committee. Applicants much complete the following questions:

M&A Science Professional Development 2-Year Scholarship Application

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