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Agile M&A is a leading framework designed to easily share, learn and apply proven M&A techniques.

What are M&A Plays

One of the cornerstones of the Agile M&A Methodology is forming a game plan.
Game plans are developed in alignment with the goals and objectives formed by leadership and the program management team. They allow for several teams to work together to plan and execute initiatives. 
Game plans consist of multiple M&A plays, similar to the function of a playbook in sports. Each play outlines a strategy or approach related to due diligence, integration, sourcing, and more.
M&A Science’s play library hosts a collection of plays created and utilized by industry experts. They help teams revamp their deal lifecycle workflows with practical “how-tos”. 
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Our library of free plays is designed to help teams revamp their deal lifecycle workflows.
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The book, Agile M&A, looks at how Agile, the project management technique that propelled Silicon Valley startups, can be scaled and implemented to improve the entire lifecycle of M&A while increasing value and closing deals faster.

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