Chapter 5: Implementation Strategy for Agile M&A


So, here we are: the end of a book — but only the first steps, for me, of a much longer journey to bring the principles of Agile thinking to the world of M&A. The fact that you picked up this book suggests that you share my view that the current M&A processes are outmoded and in tremendous need of refinement. The fact that you have read this far suggests that you have found my case for agile M&A somewhat convincing.

When I initially began this project, I had compiled a long list of procedural challenges I faced during deals, which I wanted to address. It was only when I started making discovery calls that I realized just how many people shared these pain points at every level of the industry. So, I called around, collected pain points, and began to brainstorm how to use new PM strategies like Agile to overcome them.

My ultimate goal in writing this book is to communicate my enthusiasm about the Agile process, and the possibilities it has for revolutionizing M&A. If I’ve succeeded in doing this in any way, I’ve met that goal. If, because of this book, any readers bring up the idea of Agile with a coworker or to the rest of their team at a meeting, I’ve met my goal. If any readers field an Agile play during a deal or integration, I’ve met my goal.

I hope that you will join me in my efforts to improve the operational landscape of the M&A world so that together we can bring meaningful change to this exciting industry.