Chapter 4: The Agile M&A Process Model

Play #7 - Multi-team Standup

Holding a Standup for Integration

A single team often completes due diligence, and this team can hold a straightforward standup. A multi-team project like integration or complex due diligence may require multi-team standups.

We will take integration as an example. All teams actively working the integration project should hold standup meetings to maintain the internal and cross-functional alignment achieved during the integrated kickoff.

Since the deal team and their subteams overlap in membership, a schedule of meetings should be created in order to organize and coordinate standup participation.

During the deal team (IMO) standup, each lead briefly outlines what their subteams have been working on, and mentions any upcoming dependencies which will require action from other team members. After this meeting, the leads share any pertinent intel at their subteam standup. If additional cross-functional questions or needs arise during the subteam standup, the lead can address this after the standup concludes.