M&A Science Fair

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Welcome to the M&A Science Fair, the ultimate gathering of the best corporate M&A practitioners.

We believe in science. That’s why our conference focuses on participant-driven topics and discussions that will provide the opportunity to create solutions and learn from other practitioners.

Each attendee will be challenged to ask themselves, "What's your hypothesis?" Bring your ideas, and we'll provide the platform for you to test and refine them with your peers. After all, the best way to learn is through collaboration.

Tired of the old school M&A conferences that teach old school M&A? Join us at the M&A Science Fair to learn from your peers, gain fresh perspectives, and leave with actionable solutions that will take your practice to the next level.
We’re limiting this event to the industry-leading M&A corporate practitioners. The fair is invitation-only but you can request an invite below.

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Showcase your science project

Interested in presenting your own M&A hypothesis and experiment? Apply with your project below.

Instructions for applying:

We're looking for vendors to bring their own M&A experiment! Attach a brief document outlining your "M&A hypothesis", along with a description of how your product or service acts as an "M&A experiment" to prove it. The more you can tie this presentation to the theme of a science fair, the better!


Problem: Integration plays a heavy hand in value realization.
Hypothesis: If integration planning occurs earlier and in tandem with due diligence findings, companies will decrease time spent on integration post-close.
Experiment: DealRoom is a tool that helps companies plan integration parallel to diligence. Measured DealRoom client’s timelines to see how they are affected. 
Solution: DealRoom on average reduced integration planning by 6 months.