Michael Frankel

Michael Frankel

SVP, Managing Director at Deloitte

Michael Frankel is an SVP and Managing Director/Head of the Deloitte New-venture Accelerator (DNA). He led the effort to drive to create and growth of Hybrid (services coupled with software/data/analytics/content) business models across the firm. His team builds growth strategies and services and a Portfolio Operations team for 15+ Deloitte Hybrid businesses. They drive innovation and growth strategies through ecosystems, acquisitions, organic build strategies and corporate venturing.

Michael has extensive experience sourcing, leading and negotiating 110+ transactions, as well as integration planning, management, product development, strategic planning and portfolio management.


Cultivating Relationships with Deal Targets

Kison will be discussing how to foster and maintain good relationships with deal targets.

Today's guests:
Bruce Bowden
CFO of Interactions LLC
Michael Frankel
SVP, Managing Director at Deloitte
19 Jun


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