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How To Build An M&A Communication Plan

Building a communication plan is essential to get you ready for that all-important day one. The impression that you will make on your new stakeholders will dictate their behavior in the next couple of months. You have to be fully prepared on what to say when to say it, and how to say it. Helping us build our communication plan is David Olsson, Partner at BTD.

Making The Most Of Your Employee Announcements

According to Wharton's studies, acquired employees are twice as likely to leave compared to employees that are hired off the market. Clearly, organizations are doing something wrong. Helping us understand employee retention is Dr. Klint Kendrick, director of strategic workforce initiatives at SC Johnson.

Building an Effective Internal Communication Plan for M&A

A good Internal communication plan helps you onboard and retain employees and suppliers faster. Here’s how you do it!

The Importance of Communication, Due Diligence, and Post-Closing Integration

Selling a company can be a long, costly, tedious process and you need to be ready for it. As long as you know why you are selling your company, you can avoid the doubt that will creep in and focus on the sale.

Cultivating Relationships With The Seller

There is a reason why M&A deals fail most of the time… It’s hard. Relationships with deal targets will help you in any imaginable way.