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Managing a Multi-Vertical M&A Strategy

Hear from the Vice President of Corporate Development at 3M about how leaders prioritize industries and prevent leaders from developing deal biases through specific team exercises.

How to Evolve Your M&A Workflow Using Agile Principles

IBM has been on a journey moving from a hierarchical approach to things, checklist-driven, with lots of individual silos to a much more forward-thinking, business outcome-oriented, and agile organization.

How to Build and Align a Corporate Development Team with Multiple Mandate

Every corporate development team has a different mandate. This interview covers how you can build a strong team and the different best practices to get the best value out of your deals.

How to Implement an Agile approach into M&A

Google has been using the Agile approach in its acquisitions. They finish faster and have better outcomes. Find out how they do it here.

Building a Guide to Project Manage M&A

in pursuit of creating the best project management process guide for the buy and sell-side, we posted an outline of what we thought would be a great guide and the feedback we got all over the place.