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How M&A Can Be Transformed To Improve Integration

We need to transform our M&A process to drive better integrations. Joining us to understand and evolve our processes is Javid Moosaji, M&A Sales Integration Strategy at Paypal.

Agile Value Capture from Initial Deal Prospecting to Integration

Integration is a value capture play that not many have been able to actualize. By connecting and validating the deal thesis early, deal teams can improve their success rate. Joining us to discuss how to connect the overall transaction process and optimize the value created is Carlos Cesta, Vice President of Corporate Development at Presidio.

Why Big Companies Destroy Small Ones In M&A

If you're a small company about to be acquired by a larger one, you may be wondering how you can protect yourself and your employees from being destroyed by the large acquirer. Hear from M&A pros about how to protect yourself during transactions and what red flags to look out for.

Turning Deal Thesis Into Integration Objectives

Planning the integration in the early stage of the deal is critical for success. Yet, many people don't seem to do this, which is why most acquisitions don't deliver against the deal thesis. Helping us understand this matter is Christian von Bogdandy, Senior Director at Slalom. 

How Proactive Integration Engagement Differentiate Value in Deals

We all hear the horror stories about the failed M&A deals because of the lack of communication between the corporate development team and the integration team. But as the integration lead, what can you do to ensure communication and better deal outcomes?

Making Joint Ventures Successful

Almost 60 to 70% of joint ventures fail within the first five years. It can be complicated and you need to be prepared before you go into one.