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How to Approach Diligence

Due Diligence is a crucial process that sets the tone for an acquisition. But how do you perform due diligence? Before we can understand how diligence gets done, we have to understand the goals associated with due diligence. 

Identifying Risks in Software M&A

There are many things to consider when you are doing software deals in M&A. You need to be fully aware of them in order to realize the full value of what you are buying.

The HR Practitioner’s Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence

HR practitioners don't usually get involved in the deal until it has already been announced. Klint Kendrick will be discussing why this shouldn't be the case and different types of HR related risks to watch out.

How Diligence and Integration Planning Can Frame a Successful Valuation

Contrary to popular belief, Diligence and Integration actually frames the success of valuation. Valuation needs to be adjusted all the time as you discover more things in the process. The diligence and integration planning are the inputs and the valuation is the output.

Managing Surprises in Diligence

While other people feel the need to eliminate surprises, Joseph Feldman thinks otherwise. He says we should be prepared for surprises, not eliminate them.

Best Ways to Approach Diligence

Approaching diligence efficiently sets the stage for better integration and the overall process. Learn buy-side diligence, red flags to look out for and integration planning with Judah Karkowsky, SVP Corporate & Business Development at Cengage.

Importance of Quality of Earnings

Quality of earnings is a crucial part of any company sale. It allows you to get a picture of the company's real value being sold and an overview of what it would look like on another ownership. Preparing a QofE analysis will help you negotiate better whether you are a buyer or a seller.