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Staying True To Your Culture in M&A

Culture can kill a deal, and Trish Mosconi, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer & Corporate Development at Synchrony, proves it. They walked away from a deal due to massive cultural differences and could not see a way to integrate the business in their organization.

Transformative M&A

We all know that M&A can transform a business overnight if the deal is done correctly. However, not everyone knows how to make transformative M&A successful. In this article, Duncan Painter, CEO at Ascential Plc, talks about transformational deals for their company and how they make it successful.

Buy and Build Strategy

PE firms have a very short term holding period and need to grow businesses fast. Adam Coffey, CEO at CoolSys, Refrigeration and HVAC Systems, is an expert on growing these companies using the buy and build strategy. In this article, he will share what it is and how to create sustainable success.

How to use Multiple Deal Structures to Make Partnerships Successful in India

Reliance Retail is one of the fastest-growing retailers in the world. Learn how they manage multiple deal structures to make their partnerships successful directly from their President and CEO, Darshan Mehta.

Executing Divestitures

Divestiture is not the reverse of an acquisition, and it takes more work and preparation. In this episode, Rhonda Rein, Director, Corporate Development at Thomson Reuters, helps us understand where divestiture starts, how TSA work and what happens after close.

How to Manage Multi-Vertical Strategies

Managing a multi-vertical M&A strategy requires a high performing team, full of perpetual learners and with a strong appetite for risk taking. In this episode, Ailene Holderness, Head of M&A at IAC, talks about how they manage their multi-vertical strategy and how to build a high performing M&A team.

Deal Origination From a PE investors Perspective

PE firms source deals differently from strategic buyers. Jay Jester, Partner at Plexus Capital, LLC, breaks it down into three categories; Brand Building Exercise, Customer Focus, and Setting up a System.

How SS&C Conducts Acquisitions

Every acquirer has different strategies for their acquisitions. In this episode, we look at SS&C's system on how they look at deals, how they approach integration, and how they preserve the target company's value.

Hunting Deals in M&A

Finding the right deals is hard, especially if you're looking for companies that don't want to be found. In this episode, Dustin Intihar, Director, M&A, and Strategic Alliances at Lubrizol, talks about how to hunt deals in M&A the right way.

From Private to Public Company

Going from private company to public is a huge transition, especially from a CEO's perspective. It adds more responsibility and more reporting to more people. In this episode, Darren Lampert, CEO at GrowGeneration Corp, shares his good and bad experiences in this transition. He also talks about how this change affects their approach to M&A.

How To Prevent International Deals From Failing

Have you ever wondered why international deals fail so often? Hear from AGCO Corporation's former CEO, Martin Richenhagen, about how leaders can prevent these types of deals from failing.

Working with the Business Leader to Build an M&A Strategy

One of the biggest challenges in a corporate development role is setting expectations with business leaders to develop a strategy behind the deal. Most business leaders think they can do M&A but every acquisition must have a strategy behind it.

Joint Ventures Consolidation

Joint ventures are typically more complicated than traditional M&A because there are more parties involved, and everyone has to agree on many items. But with the right approach and model, a joint venture can run smoothly.

Joint Ventures at Scale

Joint ventures are typically more complicated than traditional M&A because there are more parties involved, and everyone has to agree on many items. But with the right approach and model, a joint venture can run smoothly.

How AstraZeneca Approaches Alliances

We're talking about the spectrum of deals that corporate development manages, approaching partnerships and alliances, and how those relationships may progress into future transactions.

Conversations From the Frontlines

A strategic alliance can be a powerful tool that can help companies achieve specific goals. But what exactly is an alliance? And why do companies do it?

Creating Successful Deal Outcomes Using Innovation

A one size fits all approach does not apply to M&A. You need to focus on integration, be agile, and learn from every deal to keep improving your M&A process.

Evolving to Agile M&A at Scale

Larger companies have started adopting Agile in their process. In this article, we will be talking about evolving to Agile M&A at scale with the help of Ashley Rice, Sr. Consultant HR M&A at Cisco, and Kimberly Baird, Corporate Development Integration Lead at Cisco.

Structuring Talent Focused Acquisitions

A talent-focused acquisition is a type of deal where you acquire a company because of its people; for their skills, domain expertise, or client relationships. In this article, you'll learn how to structure talent-focused acquisitions in order to preserve value.

Working With Private Sellers

One of the biggest differentiators of working with private sellers is that most of the time, they lack the basic knowledge of selling a business. This interview will cover the most important parts of acquiring family-owned businessess and how you can work effectively.

How To Plan a Divestiture From an Accounting Perspective

In case you didn’t know, selling a part of your business is one of the hardest deals you can do. You have to make a lot of considerations.

Effective M&A Deal Sourcing

An effective deal sourcing is all about relationships. This discussion talks about how to approach your target and get past gatekeepers.

Behind the Scenes: Effective Deal Sourcing and Closing

Building out a brand new corporate development function can be challenging, especially if you don't know where to start.

Complete Guide to Cultural Assessment

Dawn White describes how to best conduct and approach cultural assessments as well as common missteps she’s seen in the process and how to overcome them.

Implementing Agile into M&A

James Harris, Principal, Corporate Development Integration at Google shares how they implement the Agile methodology in their deals.