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Joint Ventures Consolidation

Joint ventures are typically more complicated than traditional M&A because there are more parties involved, and everyone has to agree on many items. But with the right approach and model, a joint venture can run smoothly.

How AstraZeneca Approaches Alliances

We're talking about the spectrum of deals that corporate development manages, approaching partnerships and alliances, and how those relationships may progress into future transactions.

Creating Successful Deal Outcomes Using Innovation

A one size fits all approach does not apply to M&A. You need to focus on integration, be agile, and learn from every deal to keep improving your M&A process.

Evolving to Agile M&A at Scale

Larger companies have started adopting Agile in their process. In this article, we will be talking about evolving to Agile M&A at scale with the help of Ashley Rice, Sr. Consultant HR M&A at Cisco, and Kimberly Baird, Corporate Development Integration Lead at Cisco.

Structuring Talent Focused Acquisitions

A talent-focused acquisition is a type of deal where you acquire a company because of its people; for their skills, domain expertise, or client relationships. In this article, you'll learn how to structure talent-focused acquisitions in order to preserve value.

Working With Private Sellers

One of the biggest differentiators of working with private sellers is that most of the time, they lack the basic knowledge of selling a business. This interview will cover the most important parts of acquiring family-owned businessess and how you can work effectively.

How To Plan a Divestiture From an Accounting Perspective

In case you didn’t know, selling a part of your business is one of the hardest deals you can do. You have to make a lot of considerations.

Complete Guide to Cultural Assessment

Dawn White describes how to best conduct and approach cultural assessments as well as common missteps she’s seen in the process and how to overcome them.

Implementing Agile into M&A

James Harris, Principal, Corporate Development Integration at Google shares how they implement the Agile methodology in their deals.