M&A Science Leadership Spotlight Awards

M&A Science is highlighting leadership and commitment to increasing diversity in the industry through the inaugural M&A Leadership Spotlight awards. “By honoring these leaders, we hope to shed light on the work they do to improve deal-making and the guidance they provide to young professionals looking to break into the M&A sphere,” Kison Patel, CEO and Founder of M&A Science.
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M&A Science

What makes an M&A leader?

The awards honor exceptional M&A practitioners who stand out and make significant contributions to their organizations and to the industry. The winners are leaders who cultivate the next generation of M&A professionals, encourage knowledge sharing, and inspire best practices, and in doing so, strengthen the M&A community.  

In addition to the 10 honorees, Michael Frankel was awarded the 2021 M&A Leader of the Year.

These awards are sponsored by M&A Science, a platform to share knowledge and identify proven techniques. M&A Science comes in three mediums: a podcast, virtual summits, and an online academy. We crowdsource from 100+ M&A practitioners and use the knowledge gathered to build the foundation for all our offerings.


Here are the 2021 Winners!

M&A Science is an educational podcast exploring the intricate world of M&A with industry leaders and practitioners. What started in 2013 as research phone calls, transformed into an industry-leading podcast featuring practitioners sharing lessons learned with over 15k listeners. Our listeners include corporate development professionals, private equity, investment bankers, consultants, and tech leaders.

M&A Science comes in three mediums: a traditional podcast, a weekly live roundtable, and most recently, a virtual summit.

Leadership Spotlight Award Winners

Aaron Whiting

Chief of Staff and Transformation at Crownoeak
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John Morada

COO at M&A Science + DealRoom
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Christian von Bogdandy

Global Lead M&A - Managing Director, Slalom
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Klint Kendrick

Chair of the HR M&A Roundtable and Former HR M&A Leader at Oracle & Boeing
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Christina Amiry

Head of M&A Strategic Operations at Atlassian
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Russ Hartz

VP of Corporate Development at ANSYS, Inc.
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PJ Patel

Co-CEO, Valuation Research Corporation (VRC)
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Carlos Cesta

Vice President Corporate Development at Presidio
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Toby Tester

Senior Consultant & Project Manager at BTD
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James Harris

Principal, Corporate Development Integration at Google
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Leader of the Year

Michael Frankel

Founder and Managing Partner of Trajectory Capital
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